Learn 500 useful words and expressions for travelling abroad!
Our Travel English book will make travelling in English so much easier and more enjoyable!
■ 40 topics covering lots of typical situations.
■ Over 400 images to help you learn the language.
■ More than 30 dialogues so you can hear the language in action. This booklet will give you all the language you need for international travel. There are five important features:
■ Key language
The language has been carefully selected so you’ll only learn the most important words and expressions.
■ Images
The photos and illustrations will help you understand the key words by creating an association between the images and the language.
■ Dialogues
The dialogues will improve your listening skills. They’ll also show you how the language is used in real-life situations.
■ Topic areas
By organising the language into topic areas, it’ll be easier for you to remember the words and expressions.
■ Useful expressions
The useful expressions are ready-to-go and can be used directly in a whole range of typical situations.
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